Wynonna Earp Theories – Updated


1) Bobo is Waverly Earp’s real Dad. She and Wynonna have the same mother, but while Ward Earp is Wynonna’s father, Bobo is Waverly’s.

2) Waverly and Wynonna’s mother has something to do with either the Clootie Widows…or she is one…or is descended form one.

3) Since Wynonna dying for 77 seconds caused Bobo to return from hell, ALL of the other Revenants Wynonna killed as the Earp Heir will return! This includes Jonas – her possible baby-daddy (if Doc Holliday isn’t the daddy) – Malcolm Ramaker, Jack of Knives and the rest of The Seven, Marty and Sam, Levi and Fish, Red, The Tates, the guy who tried to kill Doc at his campsite, etc, etc, etc…

4) Since Wynonna used Peacemaker to kill both her dad and sister (Willa) they will also return as Revenants.

We shall see how accurate my predictions are in the coming weeks if not, next season. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you REALLY need to watch WYNONNA EARP on Syfy or Netflix.


Update 2017-08-07: On Item 1, I am revising my theory regarding Waverly’s father based on last episode of the show. I no longer believe Bobo is Waverly’s father. Too many people on the show have called Waverly “angel.” Her mother, Bobo and Tucker have all called her “angel” in one form or another. Even Wynonna called her “angel-pants” at one point. This lead me to doubt her father is a Demon. I think her father is – somehow – more divine…Juan Carlo, perhaps?

On Item 4, Peacemaker didn’t glow when Wynonna shot her father AND Wynonna was not yet the Heir when that event happened. For this reason, I do not think Ward will reappear. Willa, on the other hand, was killed by Wynonna AFTER she became the Heir, while in the grip of Mikshun (the demon) AND peacemaker was glowing. I still believe there’s a better than average chance Willa will reappear.